Golf Shop

Friendly, professional service!

Here at Huntingdale, we love golf! We love it and that’s why when you come to Huntingdale, you will receive friendly, passionate and professional service every time.

  • Competitive Prices:
    We pride ourselves on being extremely competitive on price with all of our golf products. From the latest Drivers to GPS navigation systems, Huntingdale Golf Shop will be only to happy to do you a good deal.

  • Premium Products:
    Ever parted with your hard earned cash to buy a golf club online, only to discover it’s not actually the real deal? Or not exactly what the picture looked like? Well you don’t have that problem here. We guarantee all products are 100% genuine and when you do purchase through us, if anything does go wrong with the product, we will be only too happy to handle the problem for you. I’m not sure e-bay offers the same service!

  • Club-fitting Technology:
    Did you know over 85% of golfers play with equipment that is not suited to their swing! This is what happens when golfers buy clubs ‘off the rack’ or on the internet. Here at Huntingdale, we have the club-fitting technology to ensure that what you purchase is exactly suited to you. Factors such as lie angle, shaft flex and even grip size can have a significant impact on how well you hit the ball…so don’t take the risk…let us fit you up and make sure you get exactly what you need to improve your golf game.